Soft Tissue Therapy -

Level 5 Sports, Remedial & Therapeutic Massage 

Soft Tissue Therapy is the name given to bodywork that uses a number of different techniques, including therapeutic massage and neuro-muscular techniques to treats musculoskeletal pain, injury and dysfunction caused by any of life’s stresses.  Although sport can be a common factor with many clients, this is far from being the main issue that Soft Tissue Therapists deal with.  

Much of the bodywork I do is around the reduction of stress, tension, pain and dysfunction and that can be due to any number of  long or short term causes including posture, lifestyle, stress, occupation, trauma, illness and injury.

As with all treatments here the approach is holistic which means considering the whole person and not just the part. This therapy is designed to treat soft tissue imbalances while identifying the underlying cause. It aims to increase mobility, function and relaxation and offer more long-term improvements in wellbeing, all of which helps with injury prevention.


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