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Holistic Health Coaching


Explore all levels of health from nutrition to thought patterns.

Drawing on eastern and western philosophies these sessions are for two-way holistic health discussion in a way that compliments any overall treatment or goals you may have.   

If you are experiencing symptoms in your mind or body it's a good idea to look at root cause. 

  • what's happening?

  • why might that be?

  • what can you change, accept or transform?

  • what support, skills, actions or knowledge might you need in order to do that? 

Sessions are tailored to your needs and can include any combination of the following:

Lifestyle, motivation, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, gut health, toxic load, stress & anxiety management, meditation techniques, personal development & spiritual inquiry.

These sessions work well before deep relaxation, but are just as useful on their own. 

You can choose to book them as 60 minute standalone sessions, or add 30 minutes to your physical therapy sessions.

To book a session go to Treatment Prices or click below on All bookings

client quote that says this has given me the opportunity to fully commit to caring for myself and making new habits
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