"If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion" ~ Dalai Lama


I love this quote.

Like gratitude, compassion does much to increase our levels of happiness, which in turn can do much to positively influence our physical and emotional health.

If we subscribe to the idea that every thought that we have and every emotion that we feel changes the chemistry of our body, then it could be said that every cell we are can be influenced by how we think.

It's easier to become aware of any limiting belief systems or behaviours we might have from a calm, relaxed, unthreatened and unheightened state.

This makes deep relaxation, focused breathing, meditation, open discussion and holistic therapies like Reflexology, Reiki & Homeopathy really useful tools for both physical health improvement and personal development.


If you would like to look at re-balancing your health and wellbeing, contact me at the Restoration Room for a Reflexology, Reiki or Homeopathy session, or maybe an Open Consultation to chat about all the options.


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Photo: Alex at The Restoration Room 🎨 Feifei Chen

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