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About Me 

My name is Alex Petty and I'm a Homoepath & Integrated Myofascial Therapist. 

In the 1990's an interest in complementary therapy led me to train in Reflexology. Some years later my own health issues, in the form of persistent tonsillitis, led to my first experience of homeopathy; the result was so miraculous that I later decided to become a homeopath myself.  Since then I have continued to seek, learn about, and experience the innate self-healing ability we have through giving and receiving holistic and homeopathic therapy. 


In 2014 I moved to rural Norfolk and, following the restoration of our current home, launched my very own Restoration Room; a long awaited space in which to bring together the therapies I love and live by into one integrated holistic practice. 

My long standing interest in therapeutic touch, massage & bodywork led me to add Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy & McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release to the practice in 2019. I most recently completed a Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy which due to it's effectiveness and suitability to the majority of clients is something I integrate into most of my sessions. 


Picture of Alex Petty owner & therapist at The Restoration Room
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I passionately believe that using treatments and therapies which treat the whole person instead of just the disease is the way to restore and maintain physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. All too frequently however, I find that people consider receiving these to be a bit of an extravagance rather than a part of their regular health care.

In the fast paced, busy world we live in it’s easy to rely on what we think are quick fixes and forget the fundamentals; whilst I’m an advocate of feeling better as quickly as possible, these fixes rarely come without a cost and can leave us feeling low or with seemingly new problems.

​Stress has far reaching effects on our health and its symptoms are an increasing issue for many of us. It’s not always possible to eliminate stress, but taking time to relax, breath properly, address niggling health issues early, feed ourselves well, support our immune systems and have a balanced outlook on life are all important factors in ensuring we boost our resistance to disease and remain well.

It’s often beneficial to go back to basics and look at our health in simpler terms, and from a more natural point of view to see what truly helps us to feel good in the long run, and what doesn’t. Understanding and working in harmony with what are our bodies and minds are trying to express, eliminate, mend or change is really key to this approach.

My Qualifications

Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine - P.G. D.Hom Med (MHMA UK)

I completed classical training at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy and qualified in 2005. In 2006 I traveled to Calcutta and completed 100 hours of clinical case attendance at the Bengal Allen Medical Institute. I received a Post Graduate Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine from Hahnemann College of Homeopathy in 2009. I'm a member of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Master Reiki Practitioner Norfolk

I have been using Usui Reiki since 2005 and received my third degree Master attunement in 2022. 


Reflexology Diploma - IEB Dip Ref 

Soft Tissue Therapy - Level 5 Sports & Remedial Massage

2019 ISRM BTEC Level 5 Professional Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy (Remedial Massage, Injury Treatment & Sports Massage) with Cambridge School of SPorts Massage

Integrated Myofascial Therapy (CiMFT)

2023 Certificate in Integrated Myofascial Therapy with MFR UK

2024 Advanced Integrated Myofascial Therapy with MFR UK

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