September 9, 2019

In cases of Secondary Lymphoedema the fluid loss seen after Reflexology Lymph Drainage is often physically measurable and many people find that it's marked even after one session. The practitioner is trained to measure the affected limb before and after treatment w...

If we subscribe to the idea that every thought that we have and every emotion that we feel changes the chemistry of our body, then it could be said that every cell we are can be influenced by how we think.

Remember, treating any injury, including fractures, quickly gives the best chance of success. Some people find that it also reduces the need for so much conventional pain relief...

instead of the client needing a week of bed rest from an excruciating calf

Need to increase your hydration? 

Hydration is easily overlooked. It's almost too simple. "Shouldn't I need to do something more complicated to feel better?" we can sometimes think. Well, not always.

I encourage all my clients to drink more water and those that do genera...

But the reality is these seemingly simple, common issues can create pain, discomfort, sleep loss, irritability and low mood just at a time when a women should be feeling as relaxed as possible...

Spending just ten minutes a day in a state of stillness and quiet reflection can do so much for our health

Despite best efforts to make self care something that happens as standard, it's still an alien concept to a nervous system that's living on list makers red alert in a constant state of stress.

I'm sometimes asked which therapy I enjoy practicing the most out of Reflexology, Reiki, Soft Tissue Therapy and Homeopathy.

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August 1, 2019

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