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Client Testimonials

MandyHomeopathy, April 2024

As a runner I use homeopathy to help with the aches and pains I get from a hard training session or race, my muscles definitely recover quicker after taking Arnica and Rhux tox.


I also use homeopathy for migraine type headaches, they can stop it completely if I take them at the first sign of it starting.

My body doesn't react very well to drugs prescribed by doctors, but is very happy to work with the natural homeopathic remedies.

Janet - Homeopathy, March 2024

I have asthma and ulcerated colitis.  When I was also diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, I felt like my health was on a downward spiral. I had an adverse reaction to the prescription from the hospital for the arthritis so needed to look at other alternatives.

I was a little skeptical about homeopathy but with an open mind I booked my first appointment with Alex. I was feeling low and my health was deteriorating.  I needed to take back control.

After the initial consultation, where Alex and I had a full discussion - not only about my medical health but events in life that may have affected me - I had a series of sessions over several months - as one symptom became controlled another sometimes expressed itself.

Alex was always patient, listened and looked for the best way to move forward with my health.


I also consulted Alex when going through a family tragedy and the effect of the Homoepathy she gave me was profound! I was making myself low by overthinking and this took the edge off the feelings. 

Alex has more recently supported me as I was anxious about managing my health conditions during an adventure holiday. I was well throughout and returned home relaxed and less anxious about future trips.  My health conditions are under control and I feel well in mind and body. I will use Alex’s expertise in the future to support me. Although I still use conventional medication I feel that Alex’s homeopathy supports me by looking at my whole, mind and body - not just the symptoms that appear.

Beth - Homeopathy & Holistic Coaching, November 2023

I don't ever want to feel how I was back then. I feel I'm in a totally different mind. That darkness, with the grief - that was probably the darkest feeling and mind I've ever had. The feeling of how I depressed I was - I don't ever want to go back there. I feel like I've had a mind transplant.


I tried the Dr's ways but nothing helped. That just numbed me and made it more complicated and confusing.  This opened my eyes up to  a new way of healing. Sure, I still have issues, but I don't feel numb or confused. I'm flowing through it. I'm finding my own individual path. It's life changing".


Lois - Reiki & Holistic Coaching, April 2023

I have been having Reiki with Alex for over a year now and can honestly say my time with her has been life-changing. Alex is so knowledgeable about all aspects of wellbeing, she is compassionate and extremely honest and I have found her sessions to be of great benefit in my life, and i highly recommend her. Looking forward to my next treatment. Thank you Alex, you are an angel 🙏 ♥️

D - Reiki & Holistic Coaching, August 2022

I just want to thank you again for today. It’s the first time for a long time that I have felt a massive weight had been lifted. I'm so pleased with how the session went and I’m really looking forward to another.

Jayne - Homeopathy, Holistic Coaching, Soft Tissue Therapy, Reflexology August 2022

A friend kindly referred me to Alex at the Restoration Room a few years ago.  From my first appointment, I felt able to share difficult thoughts with her, with no feeling of being judged whatsoever.   


Her passion for all the knowledge she shares, kindness, understanding, ability to put a client at ease, take each client as a total individual, know no bounds.  There's a welcome slice of humour in there too! 


Every client will attend her clinic with an individual package of need.  Alex has listened to so many problematic areas in my life, and together we have been able to achieve an improved quality of life and confidence which we are still building on.


Becky - Reflexology & Soft Tissue Therapy, November 2021

I’ve had quite a few treatments over the last few years with Alex and would 100% recommend her. Each treatment has helped so much with my symptoms at that time, most recently I had maternity reflexology which was fantastic.

Kirsty - Reflexology ,November 2021

I’ve been to see Alex since May of this year for Reflexology and I am so so glad I found her. I always look forward to my sessions and leave feeling well and truly relaxed and content. Alex really puts into perspective how the mind works and has a wealth of knowledge on how to manage my stress and anxieties, she has even taken time to do her own research to ensure she gives me the best and right treatment. Absolute 5*, 10/10. Couldn’t have found a better reflexologist!

Tony - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, November 2021

I’ve been going monthly now with a gap because of COVID for probably 18 months. I have a missing calf muscle and i ripped of my left rotor cuff muscles in my shoulder.  I arrive with my remaining leg muscles totally solid, then this wizard (Alex) gets to work. With some technical massages in a very clean environment and with very calming music ,I leave with no tightness in the muscles, more movement and very relaxed.  I would definitely recommend The Restoration Room to anyone and have.

If there was a 5 Star rating, it would be a 6 from me.

Tracey - Maternity Reflexology, October 2021

I would highly recommend Alex & the maternity Reflexology. I called Alex in a panic as I was getting closer to my due date & baby was not the correct way for birth. Alex was very friendly, kind & helpful. She managed to squeeze me in at short notice & the treatment made me feel relaxed, gave me time to connect with baby & it had the results I was looking for as baby had moved into the correct position the next time I had a scan. Baby would move so much more during treatment & after that I truly believe that baby moving was down to the treatment that Alex gave. Alex also helped aid the heartburn & back pain I was experiencing, fantastic & so thankful for her help.

Pat - Holistic Therapist - Soft Tissue Therapy Holistic Massage, August 2021

I had a soft tissue massage from Alex a few days ago purely for relaxation. From arriving to leaving I felt in safe and trusting hands. Whilst receiving the massage, time seemed to stand still and my mind quietened as I became totally absorbed in the treatment. The massage was everything I could have hoped for, and more; Alex’s holistic approach, empathy and professional knowledge shone through.

Afterwards I felt physically light, relaxed, and totally embodied. Emotionally I was calm, clear and happy. I particularly enjoyed the time before the massage too, as Alex showed me the products she was going to use. I felt very ‘listened to’ and didn’t feel at any point that there was a rush to ‘get on’ with the treatment.

Alex has clearly put a great deal of thought and detail into making the whole process as ‘Covid-safe’ as possible, without this impacting upon the treatment experience, and the treatment room still feels comfortable and inviting.

I still feel that I am benefiting from the treatment. As I take my mind back to the treatment, I can feel myself relaxing and releasing tension from my body.

I have booked a further two appointments and am already looking forward to the next one. Thank you Alex.

Cassie - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, June 2021

The most blissful but thorough treatment, individually tailored to my body and needs. Thank you Alex


V - Reflexology Lymph Drainage, June 2021

My legs are thinner and feel more comfy. My feet are definitely smaller because I can get my shoes on now


S - Reiki and Holistic Health Coaching 

I think the Reiki provided me with a new way to live my life.  The pre discussion was as important as the Reiki itself. I've been really trying both at work and personally to focus on a task at a time - not explode my mind by being on a call, answering an email and being available for ad hoc messages. I do feel less frantic, it is also taking longer to get through my work but I think this is the next area to tackle - what can I get done in a day, and raise to my manager what I can't.  I really appreciate the pre chat so thank you that has really stuck with me and made me more conscious of my actions.


Debbie - Homeopathy, January 2021

Homeopathy is like planting a seed in winter and waiting for spring.  You tend to forget about the chain of processes that are needed
to transform the seed as they occur relatively out of sight, yet you instinctively know and trust that the transformation will take place
regardless.  As you get on with each day and your mind is focused elsewhere these subtle little processes continue to do their thing until
one day you sense that something is different.  It is at this point that you turn and acknowledge the transformation.  It may be part
transformation or full, but nevertheless it is there and it is wonderful.  I guess the important bit to it all is choosing the right seed in the first place instance? I would answer that by saying "choose the right Homeopath"!

I would also say that I realise now more than ever that it's about the body/mind being balanced and in synchronicity and that means something different to me now than what it once did.  I have no doubt that Homeopathy has supported me to achieve this. Thank you.

Laura - Maternity Reflexology, October 2020

I felt great after the session. Much more relaxed and the achy back pain I was having hasn’t bothered me at all since.

Jo - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, February 2020

I have had very successful soft tissue massage therapy for chronic back and elbow pain. Alex is very knowledgeable, professional and empathic. She treats the whole person, amazing results. I would highly recommend The Restoration Room!

Maureen - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, December 2019

Very pleased to say that after two treatments my shoulder injury is better. Now I go for wellness. Thanks Alex for all your help.

Jill - Reflexology & Reiki, November 2019

I have had both Reiki and Reflexology with Alex after going through a stressful time and found both very relaxing and comforting. Alex is very easy to talk to and will spend time discussing any issues you may have and will offer very helpful suggestions and advice. The treatment room is very tasteful and comfortable. I would happily recommend The Restoration Room.

Geoff - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, October 2019

Alex is a very caring professional who really knows her treatments. Her Soft Tissue Therapy Massage Treatment helped with my stiff neck and her advice on exercises was most useful.


Heather - Reflexology via TherapyAid, September 2019

Before going to The Restoration Room I was a bit of a skeptic to alternative therapy but after my first session with Alex I completely changed my view. Alex was very welcoming and easy to talk to about my general well-being and helped me both physically and mentally with her Reflexology treatment. I would highly recommended The Restoration Room.

Mat - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage & Reflexology, August 2019

To say Alex is a miracle worker would be to do a disservice to her knowledge, hard work and professionalism. It's not magic, it's skill and attention and a deep understanding of her subject matter. I have never had physical therapy as good as I've had from Alex. Very much recommended.

Gemma - Reflexology Lymph Drainage Technique (RLD) via TherapyAid August 2019

I was referred to Alex by Therapy Aid, and I was happy to be a case study for a specific type of reflexology. I have experienced a range of symptoms since February and it seemed that they are most likely my body's response to stress. The opportunity for some respite from my caring role and from these symptoms was appealing and it has been a great support to have these appointments to look forward to where I can just think about myself, the first time in years. 


I have always been a believer in alternative therapies but I did not expect the truly holistic treatment I have received. Alex is extremely thorough and this helps pinpoint the root cause of the problem. Not only has she held space for me, she gave me some talking therapy and challenges to think about in terms of changing my mindset.


She strikes an excellent balance between being professional and supportive. Healthwise things have improved and I feel less overwhelmed, I look forward to continuing to see Alex for further treatment.

Dave - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, July 2019

Alex has been giving me Soft tissue Therapy Remedial massage for neck and hip pain. She lives in a beautiful property with a well equipped therapy room and plenty of room for off road parking. She is very personable and immediately makes you feel welcome and at ease. As soon as you talk to her, you immediately get the feeling that she is very professional and knowledgeable and I very quickly became confident in her abilities.


Alex starts off with a very thorough consultation to understand the nature of the issues and relevant history. She reinforces this by asking you to perform various manoeuvres and puts measures in place to monitor your progress. She also discusses what will be covered during the session. During the therapy it soon becomes obvious that she knows exactly what she is doing, quickly forms a plan and is also quick to revise it is doing as necessary.


She is very attentive throughout, takes great pains to ensure you are comfortable at all times, assesses your pain levels constantly and explains what she is doing and how it will benefit. I have found the therapy very beneficial and am getting a lot more movement back in my neck and the pain has greatly reduced. I have also noticed a great reduction in the pain in my hip.


Sessions are unrushed and Alex ensures that she gets through her treatment agenda. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Alex to my friends, family and colleagues and am very glad to have found her.

Jasmin - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, July 2019

I visited Alex at the Holistic Hub at Folk in a field. i have struggled with my back for a while due to an injury and am reluctant to let people near it, however Alex took so much care and time to make me feel comfortable and ask questions that I had a very relaxing time. My back has also improved dramatically and I will definitely be visiting her again, thank you!

Tracey - Maternity Reflexology, Feedback throughout three sessions in May 2019

"I have been having pregnancy reflexology at The Restoration Room & it is amazing! I would highly recommend it to anyone pregnant! I was experiencing back pain however after just the first session, it seemed to completely disappear which was amazing considering I was bigger & in my third trimester by then! I have had no back pain what so ever since! Also amazing to watch baby moving in my tummy when reflexology was performed, such a special time to relax & connect with him / her. Left feeling amazing & I hope to fit in one more session before baby arrives!"

"Amazing... my heartburn has been so much better since session on Monday & even more amazing news is baby has moved & is head down at last. I really believe reflexology helped with this considering how much baby moved during sessions ❤️ xx"

"Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing opportunity while I was pregnant " 
This was my first experience of reflexology during pregnancy & I was amazed 👣
Not only did it have a brilliant out come by helping me to turn baby & stop my back hurting but it also gave me some special time to contact with my baby moving in my tummy which was so special! 
I will be recommending reflexology to all pregnant friends as I truly found it amazing xx"

Mike - Reiki & Soft Tissue Therapy Techniques, May 2019

"Excellent experience, went in with awful neck and shoulder pain, came out walking on air! Alex makes you feel totally at ease and explains everything she is going to do. Would totally recommend."

Jo - Reflexology, May 2019

"I have been having reflexology at The Restoration Room for a some months now and have had such great experiences. Alex is so easy to talk to. She completes a really thorough assessment to target your treatment. Whether you're looking for deep relaxation, increasing your energy levels or targeting specific problems, this is the perfect treatment. Alex has helped me with some musculoskeletal problems I had been having which were stopping me from running. I'm now back to my regular workout routines pain free! I always feel really refreshed and balanced after these sessions. Can't recommend highly enough!"

Hannah - Reflexology, April 2019

"Amazing amazing amazing!
I had a reflexology session with Alex at The Restoration Room last week.


My job was causing me some stress and anxiety, and so my brain was running at, what felt like, 100 miles an hour!
Alex made me feel so relaxed and calm. She took her time to get to know me in her consultation before working her magic on my feet!


I didn’t find the reflexology ticklish or uncomfortable, it was just totally relaxing and therapeutic. Since my session, my heart palpitations have stopped and I don’t feel as tense. I was worried that my job would completely undo all the good that Alex’s session did, but so far so good. I’m definitely going be a regular Restoration Room-goer!  Alex, and her amazing homeopathy knowledge and reflexology skills, has made me realise that having “me-time” is important. I’m one session in and I already feel more in tune with my body and mind... looking forward to session two!"

Emma - Reflexology, April 2019

"When I first met Alex I warmed to her straight away. The room itself is lovely. I felt instantly relaxed and welcome.Alex was very thorough and learnt a brief history of me before my reflexology treatment. The whole experience was amazing. I have left feeling relaxed and determined to take the advice given. I have signed up for a course of treatment because I feel it will really benefit me and if I can feel like I do after one session, imagine how good I’ll feel after 6!Highly recommend The Restoration Room and Alex. Thank you 😊"

Karon - Reflexology, March 2019

"Had my first reflexology Monday and honestly was the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. Already booked another treatment"

Karon - Reiki, March 2019

"Took my elderly mum for reiki after her broken hip she was amazed by the difference after her treatment. She has re booked again"


Katie - Reflexology, February 2019

"I’m a hospital doctor with ulcerative colitis. I suffered for years with colitis associated mouth ulcers that seemed apparently unrelated to my bowel symptoms. In recent months the mouth ulcers had become so painful and multiple (up to ten at any one time with no rest period between ulcers) that I was largely on a liquid diet, unable to tolerate solids due to pain. The severity of mouth ulcers affected not only my physical health but was starting to impact on my emotional ability to manage them. I tried every conventional medical treatment, including steroid mouthwashes, with no avail. 


I decided, with a degree of scepticism, to try a complimentary therapy. The physical changes I noticed within just two reflexology sessions was quite remarkable (and somewhat surprising to both myself and my medical colleagues!) My ulcer frequency reduced to just one a week. I was able to revert back to a balanced diet and enjoy solid food again! This has had a wonderful effect on other aspects of my wellbeing that I hadn’t really acknowledged as being affected - having dinner with my fiancé, going out for meals, improved digestive health.


As I progress with my treatments I feel much more equipped to manage day to day stresses - in part because I’m no longer in physical pain but also because the treatments with Alex give me a huge sense of well-being and the ability to recognize that this time for myself is such a very important part of enjoying and managing an extremely busy lifestyle"

Katy - Reiki, December 2018

"Alex has a very welcoming, calming presence and I immediately felt comfortable with her. She started by finding out from me what I was looking to achieve with my reiki treatment and the treatments themselves are an extremely relaxing and healing experience. On a personal note I have found Alex's therapeutic advice and guidance really helpful and it has allowed me to get the most from my treatments"

Amanda - Reflexology, Reiki & Soft Tissue Therapy - December 2018

"can't recommend Alex highly enough, very relaxing and safe experience, got to the root of the problem very quickly without me realising, just by listening and asking the right question....she's very good 😊 . I have lost that anxious feeling in my solar plexus. I'm approaching things differently now.  It’s like dark box of something inside has gone. I never felt rushed to a time limit, and she follows up the next day to make sure you are ok😊 5 stars are not enough!

Also had an amazing soft tissue massage on my neck & shoulder, my neck felt so long and loose afterwards and my shoulders were so much more flexible, highly recommended 😍🌟"

Katie - Reflexology, December 2018

"A wonderful experience. Professional, welcoming and above all achieved total relaxation! Thank you 😊"

Mandie - Soft Tissue Therapy Remedial Massage, July 2018

"Can’t recommend Alex more highly - she not only works wonders with her massage and therapy, she listens to me and sets out to investigate the little things I’ve mentioned, sometimes to explain them in more detail, sometimes so that she can use that information to make my massage more effective. A truly personal, individual treatment every time"

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