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Need to increase your hydration?

Need to increase your hydration?

Hydration is easily overlooked. It's almost too simple. "Shouldn't I need to do something more complicated to feel better?" we can sometimes think. Well, not always.

I encourage all my clients to drink more water and those that do generally see an improvement in energy levels, concentration, headaches and bowel function in a matter of days.

And this is no wonder when you think that our brain is actually composed of 95% water, our lungs are 90% water, our blood is 83% water, our muscles are 76%, and our bones are 22% water. Pretty amazing figures huh?

I've always infused water with lemon or cucumber to help with this and make the idea more appetizing.

During the summer months you could try infusing your own water with any

number of fruits.

My current favourite is strawberry and melon which with fizzy water (as a treat) is absolutely lush!

Give it a whirl. It's cost effective, sustainable and great for your health. 👍

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