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Homeopathic Anti-Histamine

The bees are busy on the Borage flowers. It must be summer!

Happy Summer Solstice Everyone! ☀️🐝💛

Bees on the Borage

And speaking of Bees and summer, did you know that Apis Mellifica, the Homeopathic remedy derived from our wonderful honeybee, is actually nature's own antihistamine?

It can provide relief from bites and stings, or conditions where the skin reacts to be rosy red, tight, swollen, shiny, constricted, waterlogged and painful. It's a great remedy to have in your first aid toolkit.

Other symptoms of Apis you might observe are an intolerance of heat in any form, and the slightest touch.

Mentally the remedy can suit a person who is a typical 'busy bee'. Always on the go and never stopping to rest.

I used it only recently for an allergic reaction and instead of the client needing a week of bed rest from an excruciating calf the size of a ham (and packets full of anti-histamine), the symptoms were completely gone within 36 hours. Beautiful! 👌

A perfect example of nature's 'like cures like'. 🙏🌿✨

Photo: Alex @ The Restoration Room

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