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Staying conscious in the face of adversity

Hello Lovely People,

I very much hope you’re all well & coping under our strange new circumstances? I’ve certainly had / am having some roller-coaster moments.

I wouldn’t normally send or post material like this.

Instead I would talk to you face to face and work ideas like this into sessions incrementally.

However when things change adaptability is called for & I’m feeling that if this can be of any help; if it can soothe & strengthen you as does me, then it must be shared.

Connecting to this doesn’t mean we're religious. It doesn't mean we don’t care as much, or are discounting the real life situations, concerns, emotions, loss, hardships & logistics that we’re all dealing with right now.

But we are each bringing something of our self to this & the energy or flavour of that can vary greatly. As can how all this affects us in the short & the long term.

Whenever you have the opportunity I encourage you to set aside 20 mindful minutes to…

~ Sit quietly, with your palms resting gently in your lap.

~ Close your eyes.

~ Feel the weight of your seat connected to the chair.

~ Feel the weight of your legs travelling downwards & meeting your feet.

~ Feel your feet rooting through the floor.

~ Softly breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth.

~ Soften the jaw, the mouth, the forehead.

~ Exhale the shoulders down and the body further into the seat.

~ Listen to all of this message.

Listen even if you find parts of it unwelcome or edging up against any values, barriers or boundaries you may have.

We all have these and that’s our prerogative, but nudging up to them never hurts and listening costs nothing.

Love, light and health to you all

Alex @ The Restoration Room

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