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Asking for help

~ A S K . A S K . A S K ~ Sometimes I pull this old book from the shelf & just read wherever it opens. We all need different things & each other more than ever right now so it was interesting that this was what it had to say today... "When was the last time you felt comfortable asking anybody for anything? It's so simple, it's scary. It's asking for what we want. Help. Advice. Wisdom. Guidance. Information. (Toilet roll? 😊).

Asking comes with no guarantees. But if we don't ask we haven't got a prayer. Ask for the day off. Ask for a raise. Ask for the recipe. Ask your husband to take the kids. Ask Spirit for a daily portion of grace. Ask Divine Wisdom for operating instructions. Ask your guardian angel to manifest holy assistance. While you're at it, ask for a miracle. Ask for what you need & want. Ask to be taught the right questions. Ask to be answered. Ask for the Divine Plan of your life to unfold through joy. Ask politely. Ask with passion. Ask with a grateful heart & you will be heard. Just ask." 💜 📖 Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach

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