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Healing the layers with Homeopathy

🌿 When we treat long term chronic health issues with homeopathic remedies we can track through layers of unresolved physical and emotional health and treat them as they should have been treated all along.

🌿 This is a lovely example of just that. Old symptoms rising to the surface so they can be resolved by the right remedy in the present moment.

🌿 This is what case management is all about.

🌿 Homeopathic treatment is able to be rapid, gentle & permanent, but it has to be done carefully so that these layers, speaking to us in their language of seemingly random symptoms, are not missed when they pop up.

🌿 Doing this over weeks and months as you track through chronic issues means that every time you have a remedy that works for you, general health and immunity improves. Beautiful

Everything's connected 🌿💫🌿

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