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Summer has come!

Happy Beltane! It’s the start of summer! 🌼 There’s an old English saying that “when there are seven daisies under foot summer has come”

🌼 Our Granny Ada loved daisies. They were her favourite flower. So what a coincidence it was that it was also her middle name. 🌼 Granny lived until she was 92 & it was only after her funeral we discovered that Daisy wasn’t her middle name at all. It was Amelia. 🌼 She’d adopted Daisy & kept up a lifetime fib so that she could be called by the name of her favourite flower. I even had that name & that saying engraved on her headstone. 🌼 I smile whenever I see that innocent little flower. I think of summer, of childhood daisy chains and of Granny’s mischief. 🌼 Here's to May Day, mischief and the promise of a glorious summer together yet to come. #summer #mischief #bellisperenis #daisy #mayday ❤️

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