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The Wonder of Maternity Reflexology - A Case Shared 👣

How gorgeous are these tiny little feet? 💓

They belong to my clients beautiful new baby girl & I had the pleasure of watching them wriggle around in response to Maternity Reflexology techniques from week 33 to 37 of her pregnancy.

I rarely share cold fact type results from my practice (due to time rather than a lack of them), but the outcome of this case was so inspiring that I wanted to share it.

Baby April

Not only did Mum get great relief from all the physical symptoms she was experiencing from week 33 of her pregnancy onward, but, and here’s the biggie, she was also able to have a natural birth with no need for an ECV or cesarean. Wonderful! 🎉👣

The 'common' problems of back pain, water retention and digestive dysfunction that many women experience can easily be overlooked as 'inevitable' during pregnancy and then just be endured.

But the reality is these seemingly simple issues can create pain, discomfort, sleep loss, irritability and low mood just at a time when a women should be feeling as relaxed as possible. They can also create great tightness and a lack of space making it much more difficult for a baby to turn should it want to.

This case really demonstrated how, when the physical symptoms were alleviated, Mum was able to spend much needed time connecting with her baby comfortably (not to mention continuing to deal with her other children!), and perhaps, just perhaps the tissue relaxation and reduction in swelling provided enough space for baby to shift.

Here are the results recorded at week 33 then over the course of three Maternity Reflexology treatments:

✅ Thoracic & lumbar back pain: from ‘significant discomfort’ to ‘no discomfort at all’ after first treatment. Back massage cancelled.

✅ Water retention: from a ‘painful 9/10’ (since 20 week) to ‘2/10’ after two treatments.

✅ Digestion: from ‘irregular every 2/3 days’ to ‘normal daily motility’ after one treatment.

✅ Heartburn: from ‘daily’ at 35 weeks to ‘one further episode’ in the two weeks prior to birth after one treatment.

✅ Position of baby: from transverse at 33 weeks to diagonal at 34-35 weeks to head down at 37 weeks. Significant movement of baby during & just after each treatment.

✅ Conclusion: All improvements maintained during final weeks of pregnancy and natural birth at 38 weeks. 🎉

I love Reflexology! 👣 I also love the Flying Wild Organic Mandarin Pregnancy Balm that I used for these sessions, which is specially designed for maternity use 🍊

** Severity/discomfort levels are measured on a scale of 1-10 where possible (10 being the most severe).

💓 Photo: "April". Private photo kindly shared by my Maternity Reflexology client.

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