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Did you know Homeopathy is great for broken bones?

People often thing of using Homeopathic Arnica for bruising, and swear by the results, but did you know that Homeopathy, Arnica included, is also great for healing broken bones?

Using Homeopathic remedies as quickly as possible after an injury, and then throughout recovery has significant benefits to healing outcomes...

~ Tackles the initial hemorrhage & soft tissue damage (bones bleed).

~ Removes the shock of trauma from the body (which improves healing outcomes).

~ Provides significant pain relief from the characteristic sticking & stitching pains in the bones.

~ Addresses any associated nerve damage to promote normal function and sensitivity levels in the surrounding tissue.

~ Promotes a healthy union of the fracture & a return to healthy range of movement.

~ Addresses the discomfort caused by the unhealthy union of fractures.

I'm seeing this in a case at the moment, and the results are wonderful. The client is moving nicely towards regaining a full range of movement, and feeling, in several broken and partially severed digits (ew, yes I know!) that had a fairly poor prognosis at the time of injury.

Remember, treating any injury, including fractures quickly gives the best chance of success. Some people find that it also reduces the need for so much conventional pain relief which can be a blessing for people who want to avoid them or are easily aggravated by things like NSAIDS and opiates.

It's worth noting that injuries can also be treated years after the event if they’re still problematic. If you

have an old injury that you feel has 'never been the same since' you may benefit from a combination of soft tissue therapy to address scar tissue and adhesions and homeopathy to address the specific nature of the event and tissue damage, including shock.

Whether the break is from an accident, or surgery, it's likely that homeopathy can help.

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