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Staying well in time of crisis

Staying well matters now more than ever 💜🌿❤️ Sometimes I have to remind myself that my body still needs me to care about it, and me as a whole, and to hold my own hand a bit. It's easy to lose this in times of crisis and general busyness. After weeks of increased stress hormones caused by uncertainty, restriction, division, illness, loss, anger, grief and fear we continue to experience more. This comes via our minds natural response to the world around us, and is to be expected when we feel threatened, unwell or are faced with things that go against our core values. But our bodies can only take so much. The repeated release of these hormones is not biologically sustainable without an effect on health. The concern right now is that we need our immunity to be on point and the events above effectively suppress it. Activities that stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and bring the body into a soothing state of repair and calm really are needed right now. We can each help ourselves by doing something on a daily basis that creates a natural mellowness within us. A feeling of gentleness. Something that makes us feel safe and at ease. Even in our dis-ease. Even in our protectiveness and outrage. It is possible to hold a tension between the two and for anyone interested in being truly effective and acting from the heart, there’s also great power in it 💜 If you would like to know more about anything that could help you, do ask. If you already know how to do any of those things; breathing exercises, Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Mindfulness, Reiki or your own self-guided practices call on them for yourself.

Photograph taken by me - Mother & child, Goa 2004 #strength #grounding #selfcare #nurture #health #motherpower

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