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Raynaud's and other circulatory symptoms

This before and after picture shows a client's foot after a session of Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)* which they requested to help with their circulation affected here by Raynaud's.

Before & after photo of a foot with Raynauld's symptoms before & after having a reflexology lymph drainage treatment
Clients foot before & after a session of Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage Technique is designed to stimulate the reflexes of the lymphatic system which are said to be mapped in miniature on (mostly) the top and sides of the feet.

Raynaud’s (pronounced ray-nose) is a condition that affects the blood circulation. Small arteries in the fingers and toes become narrow in response to stress, pressure (like holding a steering wheel, for example), or cold temperatures. Symptoms are typically pain, numbness, pins and needles, stiffness, and the characteristic white or blue colouring of the skin.

As well as Reflexology Lymph Drainage homeopathic remedies** are also used for vascular constriction, circulatory and chilblain-type symptoms.

Remedies are always prescribed based on a person's whole health and individual symptoms, but just to show how well they can match certain condition pictures here is just one great example...

Our most iconic red and white spotted fairy-tale fungus, the FLY AGARIC or Amanita Muscaria.

Red and white spotted fly agaric mushroom
Fly Agaric Photo by Florian van Duyn on Unsplash

The Fly Agaric contains the alkaloid Muscarin, which in its raw (and very toxic form) can produce delirium and stupor - not recommended! It has a wealth of folk history and the “fly” part of the name comes from its age old use as an insecticide when it was used attract and then comatose houseflies!

Its useful for us in Homeopathy because the range of symptoms it produces when taken in a raw form are very similar to those seen in conditions such as Raynaud’s, chilblains and frostbite. This means that when it's used it in a safe, non toxic, diluted form and given back to that patient in a "like with like" way, we see an improvement in those symptoms. Natures's wonder!

What are the typical AGARICUS symptoms?

A patient benefiting from Agaricus as a homeopathic remedy will have some or all of these keynote symptoms:

  • Problems from exposure to the cold atmosphere, pressure and before thunderstorms

  • Pain with tingling, numbness, stiffness & blueness in the fingers and toes

  • Pins & needles with specific sensation “as if pierced by needles of ice”

  • Skin can be burning, itching, red and swollen, like frostbite

  • Patient may be twitchy, trembly and clumsy or awkward

  • Symptoms may be worse diagonally i.e. left arm and right leg

  • May also have pain the low back that’s worse for being out in cold air

  • Tendency for cramps in the feet & shins. Tight calves and a feeling of stiffness in the body

  • Mentally they will be talkative and cheerful, but also anxious about their health which can lead to feeling low or depressed

If you would like to discuss any of the symptoms appearing here you are welcome to use the Contact Me form by clicking here, or by booking a 15 minute free introduction call by clicking here.

I would love to hear from you.

Best wishes in health, Alex

* photograph used with kind permission of the client.

** homeopathic remedies for specific conditions should always be prescribed by a qualified homoepath.


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