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The 'no pain no gain' approach

Remedial bodywork is not about enduring high levels of continued pain. All that creates is more tension and a massive system recoil. That's not to say that treatment can't be uncomfortable at times, but it's a not a measure of success, a "good" treatment or a "deep" treatment.

The term 'no pain no gain' is not a mantra any therapist or client should be living by.

Each time a therapist puts their hands on a client they are communicating with that person's nervous system.

​What message they convey to it is entirely in their hands.

Along with applying 'the moves' designed to fix individual parts, a therapist should take great care with the message being conveyed to the whole because, in reality, it's the only thing that has the power to do any true fixing. This approach delivers wonderful results and has shown itself to be the best way for me to practice

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