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Why is it called Garbo Cottage?

What a glorious week!

It's June, at last summer seems to have finally arrived and that means the Larkspur, Red Campion, Aquilega and Geranium Morning Widow are all in full harmonious swing under the Maple.

It's during morning morning moments like these that I feel truly blessed to have a treatment room in such a peaceful spot. Clients have to ask whether the birds are real or part of the music. How amazing is that?

The Restoration Room is part of our home and sometimes I'm asked about the name. It was named Garbo Cottage by the previous owner who rumour has it, looked very much like Greta Garbo when she was young and was something of a fan.

When we become custodians in 2014 we considered changing it, but it's been known locally as Garbo for so long that somehow that felt wrong.

So "Garbo as in Greta Cottage" (which is almost our permanent full address now) it will stay, complete with original rickety sign.

If you would like to be alone except for birdsong you can book appointments for the following therapies here

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